About Chucho's Pig Roast

Chucho's Pig Roast, is a Mobile services Catering company, operating in Saint John,Fr​edericton, Moncton and Saint Stephen.

We are specialized in a whole spit roasted piglet! Nothing beats the tantalizing aroma of a slow roasted whole piglet sizzling on the rotisserie!

We use only top quality, government inspected piglets, sourced from local Sussex  farms by Kuinshoeve Meat  butcher in Rothesay and carefully prepared with our Cuban’s secret blend of spices, herbs and seasonings and roasted inside our professional stainless steel roasters until “crackling on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside” mouth-watering perfection!

These edible works of art make an WOW centrepiece for your buffet or catered event! Experiencing the cooking process and the anticipation of tasting the delicious result is sure to bring another element of excitement to the guests at your event!

    Pig Roast Location:
     60 Montgomery Crescent Saint John NB.
    Email  [email protected]