Chucho's Pig Roast Catering  Buffet Menu Packages

 Showstopping Charcuterie  Board to impress all of your Guests

Thinly sliced prosciutto, mild capicola, spicy sopressata, genoa salami

Cheeses - French Brie, Aged English Cheddar, Smoked Gouda,Mozzarella cheese,Edam Cheese,Garlic and herb cheese,plain cheese, peppered Salami, Nola salami, pitted Sicilian olive,Kalamata olive, Jams, Honey , pickles, Fresh fruits, dried fruits, french bread, crackers and nuts.

$15.00 per person plus tax.

Pig in a Box

With our service buffet menus, your pig arrives roasted, warm and ready to serve.

Pick up a whole roasted piglet, ready to go for your party.

Price: $15.95pp, minimum 70 people. HST 15% Plus mileage. Delivery $0.85 x kms

Pig Roasted on Site

For added excitement and anticipation, why not have our suckling piglet spit roasted at your location from start to finish on our professional rotisserie stainless steel roaster? Your specially trained chef will arrive approximately eight hours prior to serving time to oversee the roasting process. The finished piglet will be set up on a beautifully displayed carving station and sliced and served to your guests.

Package includes:

Specialized chef | Disposable plate, napkins and cutlery | Piglet | Roaster | Serving table | Linen | Culinary equipment | Cuban Mojo

Prices:$19.95/lb., min 70lb, feeds 70 people. HST 15%  Plus Mileage $0.85/kms.

Pig & Chef Lunch Option

Our “Piggy on a Bun” menu is a huge hit for golf and sports tournaments and all types of corporate events!

Chef carved spit roasted suckling piglet

Accompanied with:

-Cuban Mojo

- Smokey Barbecue Sauce

- Potato Salas & Caesar Salad

- Bread Rolls & Butter

Package includes:

Specialized chef | Disposable plate, napkins and cutlery | Piglet | Roaster | Serving Table | Linen | Culinary equipment

Price: $25.95pp, minimum 70 people. HST 15% Plus Mileage $0.85 /kms.

Backyard BBQ Package

Ideal for casual, or rustic wedding, picnic style.

Choice of two meats:

- Whole Crackling Pig Roast

- Rotisserie Chicken

- Italian Sausage

- Pulled Pork

-See below

- Cuban Mojo

Smokey Barbecue Sauce

Three salad or hot sides of your choice (see below)

Bread rolls with butter

Additional Services (Salad) $6.50 per person

Package includes:

Chef | High quality disposable plate & napkins | Buffet tables & linens | Culinary equipment.

Price: $38.00 per guests(min 70 people)+ HST 15% + Mileage. $0.85/kms

         $49.00 per guests (min 50 guests)+ HST 15% + Mileage $0.85/kms.

Make Your Own Menu (min. 70 people)


                                                                 Main entrance

Whole Roasted Pig                                              Pulled Pork                                                           Paella Mixed (50 serving)

 Imperial Rice                                                     Fish in Salsa                                                         Shrimp Enchilada                    Whole Roasted Fish                                             Cedar Plank Salmon                                             Rotisserie Chickens                  Chicken Fricassee                                                Beef with Onion & Pepper (Ropa Vieja)                Ground Beef with Potato

BBQ Sausage                                                      Sausage with Onion & Pepper                                    

                                                                  Hot sides

Roasted Baby Potatoes                                         Roasted Red-Skinned Potato                                       Yuca with mojo

Spanish Boiled Potatoes with Onion & Pepper        Creamy Mashed Potatoes                                           Corn on the cob

Boiled Carrots with Onion & Pepper                      Arroz Moros y Christianos (Moors & Christians rice)        Grilled Asparagus*


Garden Salad                                                     Cuban Pasta Salad                                                     Potato Salad

 Spinach Salad                                                   Asian Slaw Salad                                                       Caesar Salad

Seafood Pasta Salad                                           Tomato & Cucumber Salad                                         Greek Pasta Salad



                                                                  Dessert $5.50

  Lemon meringue                                      Muffins                                                                  cheesecake

Fresh Baked Fruit Pies

Coffee and tea $1.80

                                                                         General Information

Catering Policies:

The final details of your event are to be submitted to the Chefs Table four (4) weeks prior to your event.


In order to best serve your guests, a final confirmation of attendance or “guarantee” is

required at least two full weeks prior to the event. This count may not be reduced within this time period

and can be increased once the Chef has been informed. If you intend to offer food to photographers,

DJ’/Band, Officiate, please include in the final guest count. Children under 6 are free and children 7-12

are $12 each

To ensure the safety of all our guests and comply with local health regulations, neither

patrons nor their guests shall be allowed to bring food when catering is serviced by The Chef’s Table or

are we permitted to allow perishable foods to leave the catering event...

Transportation Fee: $0.85 per km


All Pig Roast Bookings for events require a $250 non-refundable deposit in order to confirm an event booking date by e-transfer to [email protected] or by cheque to 60 Montgomery Crescent, Saint John NB E2K2T2. We require catering services to be paid in full three days before the event. After this time, we have the right to refuse service and you will forfeit your deposit.

We roast and cater 365 days a year. We are not seasonal regardless of weather conditions

Due to the unpredictability of Atlantic weather, we cannot completely guarantee the cooking times of our roasts when we roast at outdoor events. Wind, rain and temperature may cause delays depending on intensity.

When booking a pig roast for your event, please ensure there is adequate space for us to park our roaster (built into a travel size trailer) and vehicle


Cancellation charges will be levied if we are unable to rebook the date. 

Cancellations on our behalf would result in a full reimbursement.

Bar / Wine Services

Are not included with these prices


Please consider flowers or themed colorful cloths to decorate the Buffet tables.

What our customers are saying

Paul Cosman Oct 3, 2017, 7:55 AM

On behalf of Kathy and myself a big Thank You to you . The reviews of the event have been quite impressive. We are planning to make this a yearly event.

Eric Vinet: June 21 2018

Excellent service, hands down the best chicken Ive ever eaten.

Dale Parkhill: April 17 2019

Really enjoyed their chicken and salads at our son and daughter-in-laws wedding in their back yard.

Antonio Duplessis

Amazing and delicious food and presentation. Perfect for work parties, weddings, celebrations, birthdays!

Emily McCumber recommends Chucho's Pig Roast.

We had Jesus and his team cater our outdoor wedding this spring and we were so happy with the results. Jesus was very professional - great to deal with prior to the wedding when planning the meal, he arrived early and served the food at exactly the time we asked him to. It was so delicious! I would highly recommend.


Awesome meal!! Chucho's provided pig roast and rotisserie chicken for our Family reunion recently (July 2019) in Shediac NB. The food was delicious, especially when drizzled with their special Cuban sauce. The crispy skin of the pig was a treat we enjoyed prior to the meal being served. Great time was had by all. Pig and chicken were cooked on site and ready as planned. Awesome job Jesus and Lisa. I hope we have the opportunity to use your services again.

Crystal: July 16/2020

Amid all this disruption with the pandemic going on, Chucho's catered a small back yard wedding for my husband and I. They came, set up, did everything with no disruption to us. We barely even noticed them setting it all up! They were extremely nice and pleasant serving our guests. Barely even noticed them tearing down and leaving! Pig was cooked to perfection, but if you are expecting a Smokey pig flavour, don’t. It is Cuban roasted, so it’s more of a citrus flavour. Tastes were amazing and it was all sooooo tender and juicy!! And of course, we got to keep the leftovers, so we made Cuban sandwiches for a couple days and fed the neighbors! Would absolutely recommend them!! Thanks for being part of my day!!

Mike Alton: Nov 4/2021

Chucho did our staff party excellent service,excellent communication, fair price and great music! The leftovers made the best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had in my life! The potato salad is legendary and the salads in general were original. The presentation and general care that was taken by Jesus was that of someone whom take absolute pride in his work ,as he should. Will be using him 100% for our next function in August.

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